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Biomimetica is new start-up set up to exploit IP in the area of Biomimetics. Insect wings, sharks (skin), coral skeletons and plant leaves are all examples of living organisms which use complex patterns located at the surface to impart unique properties such as self-cleaning, light management, waterproofing, and as an anti-fouling strategy. These properties are also highly desirable both in consumer and medical products. Biomimetica Ltd is capable of depositing surface structures,(similar to those used in nature), on a range of complex 3D shapes to produce products with unique properties.

Further details will be available shortly and the website will be updated.

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Analytical Services

Sciencia Analytica was established by industry specific specialists who are able to apply direct experience in manufacturing and leading edge analytical equipment to help solve industrial problems or assist in product development programmes. We have particular expertise in surface related technologies,  advanced materials, and medical and pharmaceutical products.

Market Areas

Sciencia Analytica work in many market areas but have a particular expertise in thin films, paints, coatings, textiles, nano-materials, composites, medical devices and pharma. We bring industry specific expertise to the analytical process assisting in product development projects as well as shorter term issues.



Sciencia Analytica has access to leading edge precision analytical equipment and aim to work with you to resolve analytical problems through an understanding of both the industry and the capabilities of modern analytical science.

Looking for a research partner?

We welcome involvement in R&D projects either as a supplier of analytical support or in a collaborative project.
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